Thursday, February 19, 2009

The sweetest sounds to mortals given are heard in Mother, Home, & Heaven!

Ahhhh my sweet mama. She came to stay for two weeks, but I held her hostage and she stayed for three! It was so nice to have help with Jayda, the house cleaning, the cooking, the shopping, the decorating, etc. It's was so great to have her here. We were all sad when she had to go home. Jayda cried the night she left and the following morning. I was bummed for days. Even Russ came home and said he missed seeing my mom here when he came home at night. We're so blessed to have family! She'll be back in about 8 weeks for the arrival of baby #2 and we'll be just as excited to see her then too!

She played in the mud with Jayda, ran around playing duck-duck-goose, and let Jayda do her hair (all things that this preggo mommy will have nothing to do with). Jayda was in absolute heaven.

When she wasn't watching my little one or helping take care of the house (by cleaning, organizing, etc) she was decorating the new nursery...and it's SOOOO CUTE!

Below are pictures of Jayda's room (Snow White mural) and the new nursery (garden theme). Its so nice to have her share her talents and help turn our rental house into a warm home.

Thanks for everything mom. We love you!

Jayda's Room @ our rental house in Fairfax, VA

Baby Girl #2 - Nursery Jayda's First Nursery @ our apartment in Fairfax, VA


Jamie said...

WOW! Your mom sure is amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope everything else is going well with you and baby!

Stephie said...

The baby's room is adorable! The trees look some peaceful and cozy--they're perfect! I love your mom's work!!

Kyle and Melissa said...

She is amazing!! One day when we decide to stay put for longer than 6 months at a time I might just have to hire her :)

Cardon Family said...

The nursery is beautiful! It looks so calming and relaxing! Gorgeous! Your mom is so talented! What would we do without mothers?