Sunday, February 13, 2011


Jayda had a birthday and turned 5.

5 years old.

Do you understand what that means?

A) I'm getting old.
B) My parents are getting waaaay old (just kidding guys).
C) It's going WAAAY to fast.
D) She starts kindergarten in September.
E) I only have her for 13 more years before she's off at college.
F) Russ only has 10 or 11 years to clean and prepare his shot guns before she starts dating.
G) There's maybe 5 more years (and that's being generous) before she's totally embarrassed by everything we do.
H) Ten more years and she'll be driving with a permit.
I) I need to have more babies because mine are growing up too quickly.

Anywhoo- we kind of celebrated for about a week. It was a bit much and I'll try to reign it in next year (yeah, right). Grammy was here and so she got to spend Jayda's birthday with us. That was probably Jayda's favorite part of the festivities. Having her Grammy there to celebrate. They had slumber parties and art days. They played and talked and laughed all day, every day, for two whole weeks. Russ and I would go on dates and come home late. We'd sneak in the house trying to be quiet, only to hear giggles and whispers coming from Jayda's room. We'd open the door to find Jayda and Grammy snuggled in bed telling each other stories and cracking each other up. Those two are sure close.

On her actual birthday we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. She was able to wear whatever she wanted to and selected a very classy Fancy Nancy dress accompanied by some killer leggins and toy shoes. She's such a hoot! She also got to take special treats into her class and be the "line leader."

But the real festivities took place at her Megamind Movie Party! We rented out the movie theater next to our house for the entire morning (it was SUPER cheap...I highly recommend this party to anyone who doesn't want to host at their house and is on a tight budget!). The 15 kids arrived, had a tour of the theater, got some popcorn and soda, and watched Megamind. After the movie they ate some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Jayda. They ran around and played together in the lobby and then got a nice little gift bag on their way out. It was short. It was sweet. It was perfect. Jayda had a great time. The kids were all really, really well behaved and it was the most stress free event I've ever done!

So, Jayda...when you read this when you're older I want to tell you a few things: you are the sweetest, most loving, kind child I've ever met. You bring hours, and hours, of joy to our home. You exceed my every expectation in regards to being a big sister. You are patient and giving and cherish your little sissy. She's lucky to have you. You LOVE to laugh and give your dad a hard time. You joke with him (in a very adult way) and crack us all up. You are tender and get your feelings hurt easily, but you also love fiercely and forgive easily which make you just the right mixture of everything good. I often watch you play and interact with those around you and think: "I hope I can be as sweet and loving as Jayda." You're an inspiration to us and we adore you. Happy 5th Birthday, Gracie. We love you.

Here's Jayda in her outfit she picked out and wore to her birthday dinner. Love her!

Jayda on the morning of her 5th birthday...on our way out the door for school. Can you tell I was tearing up?


Stephie said...

Margot had so, so much fun celebrating with Jayda. She is lucky to have such a sweet and kind friend. I miss you guys!!

Brent said...

Can you rent out the University Mall theatre for stuff like that? We'll have to try that when we get back. It looks like it was awesome!

And Mali would note that your hair is getting really long, Cori. She would also say she likes it. Trust me, I know she'd say that.

Jamie said...

Looks like a TON of fun! Happy Birthday Jayda!