Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Russ sure loves his girls. He knew that our sweet Jayda needed some parent time without the baby around so he agreed to watch Bella while I took Jayda out for a mommy - daughter date. We had plans to go get ice cream and a pedicure.

That plan was short lived. Jayda saw her daddy come through the door after work and INSISTED that she go on a date with her daddy. She says with a high-pitched squeal, "I have a good idea! Mommy can stay at home with the baby and I'll go on a date with daddy for ice cream without anyone else!" Russ tried to talk her into going with me for pedicures because he figured I needed some "outside" time too, but she looked so sad about having to go hang out with mom that I thought she was going to cry. She just wanted to be the special girl in daddy's life and share some yummy ice cream. So that's what they did. And for Jayda, it was pure heaven. Although I'm pretty sure it was heavenly for her daddy too!

I hope she always knows how much this man loves her. I will never be able to truly describe to her how much she means to him. To us. To our family.

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Elizabeth Moon said...

Cute! Thank you for the comment! And I totally miss my pre-baby body. Badly. So, so badly. :)

See ya at playgroup!